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Glamping in TX Hill Country - A Look at Green Acres Spicewood Glamping Resort

During my frequent drives down Highway 71, I always notice a unique, green barn-like structure with a prominent sign that reads "Green Acres Spicewood." I’d heard of this place often from acquaintances, who recommend it highly and describe it as of the best and nostalgic slice of Hill Country glamping Heaven. Despite my curiosity about this place, I never took the time to stop and explore due to my busy schedule.

Finally, last week, I made a conscious decision to stop and see what Green Acres Spicewood had to offer. Upon arrival, I had the pleasure of meeting Raymond and Debbie Munk, the creative minds behind this unique TX Hill Country glamping retreat. Vintage RV’s and Hill Country cabins are available to guests for short term rentals on Airbnb and Vrboo. Each unit is impeccably decorated with its own flair and boasts a captivating history that takes guests on a nostalgic journey through time. Moreover, the premises were meticulously maintained, and the magnificent bathhouse boasted exceptional amenities, surpassing typical expectations for an outdoor glamping site.

As I wandered around, I encountered Cheri Hardin, their niece, who was busy setting up "The Barn", the massive green structure that dominates the entrance to the glamping retreat. The sheer abundance of creative Christmas decorations I saw was overwhelming. The collection ranged from colorful bells, both small and oversized, to an extensive array of ornaments and vintage signs. I walked around engrossed in the Christmas accessories that adorned the walls of the barn. There were also distinct sections catering to various interests, including jewelry, men's and women's accessories, and even pet-related items — all presenting great gifting options. With so much to choose from, guests can easily spend hours picking out unique gifts for friends and family.

As I wandered towards the back of the captivating barn, a remarkable vintage-style playground caught my eye. It was tucked behind the store, away from the highway. This nostalgic setting featured an array of classic, old school rides and play structures that provided ample entertainment for the little ones while their parents shopped.

I also couldn’t help but notice guests taking pictures with uniquely built structures, like an oversized Texas Swing, and an Adirondack chair that according to Raymond and Debbie, grew up Texas sized! These gems really elevate the experience of outdoor glamping, but to truly grasp the charm and offerings of Green Acres Spicewood, a visit is an absolute must.

You really have to see it to take it all in. Visit to learn more about this awesome glamping resort.

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